Free Webinar: Practical Approaches to Theoretical Novelty and Native Theorizing

Social science researchers and instructors were in for a treat at the Enhance Research IMPACT: Practical Approaches to Theoretical Novelty and Native Theorizing webinar. 

Held last 30 June 2022, the free online seminar benefited those who find it challenging to generate theoretical novelties and get published in top international journals.

Two author-editor speakers served as panellists at the event: Dr Li Miao and Dr Cheri A. Young. Both are regarded as well-respected scholars in the hospitality and tourism management industries. 

Dr Li is a professor and Integrated Resort and Tourism Management department head in the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Macau. Currently, she is also the executive editor of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research (JHTR), a premier journal that incubates, influences, and inspires hospitality and tourism research.

On the other hand, Dr Young is an associate professor in the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management at the University of Denver, USA. She also serves as an associate editor at the JHTR.

SAGE Publishing APAC customer relations training manager Dr Lim Khee Hiang also joined the webinar. He discussed how the SAGE Research Method could effectively facilitate hospitality and tourism research. 

The two-hour-long webinar covered five key areas: the definition of IMPACT, theory versus theorising, theoretical novelty generation, novel research question generation, and practical approaches to native theorising. It was a highly informative discourse, mainly because it used multiple examples of real-life research projects and timely topics from both author and editor perspectives. 

A recorded replay of Enhance Research IMPACT: Practical Approaches to Theoretical Novelty and Native is free to watch on Bilibili. 

To get complimentary access to this webinar from SAGE, click this link, fill out a short questionnaire, and click ‘submit’ at the end of the page. A link to the free webinar will be emailed to you shortly.

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