New Key Titles Published in September 2023

New Key Titles Published in Sep 2023

We are thrilled to present a curated selection of our noteworthy titles published in September 2023. If you are an educator teaching a related course and wish to request an inspection copy for evaluation, we invite you to click on the book cover, link, or button below. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at

Consumer Culture Theory, 2nd Edition

Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) has developed over four decades into a unique field of study, merging various disciplines like anthropology, cultural studies, marketing, political theory, and sociology to offer fresh insights into how consumers interact with the marketplace and how commercial activities impact culture. This book, edited by prominent CCT scholars and featuring contributions from leading researchers in the field, serves as a concise and accessible introduction to CCT for students and early career researchers.

Education Theories for a Changing World

This book looks at how different educational theories can be used to address complex and vital issues in society by exploring key concepts and challenging traditional thought through an educational lens. Each topic area is explored in both theoretical and practical terms with direct application to the classroom throughout. Key topics include: The climate crisis, The Black Lives Matter movement, The rise of right-wing populism, The experience of LGBTQ+ students in school and The impact of COVID-19.

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 4th Edition

Written by award-winning author Gregory Privitera, this book aims not only to inspire your students to use statistics properly to better understand the world around them, but also to develop the skills to be lab-ready in applied research settings. Incorporating examples from current, relatable research throughout the text, Privitera shows students that statistics can be relevant, interesting, and accessible.

Sensation and Perception, 3rd Edition

Rich in examples and applications to everyday life, this book is a cutting-edge and highly readable account of modern sensation and perception from both a cognitive and neurocognitive perspective. The Third Edition includes an emphasis on areas of interest to students, namely, music, clinical applications, neuropsychology, and interesting animal perception systems.

How to be Original: Transform Your Assignments and Achieve Better Grades

Originality is needed to achieve top marks in assignments, but what does it even mean? Simply put, it opens doors: to making a difference; to excellent marks, and to success. You’ll often find marking criteria stating you need to make an ‘original contribution’, ‘show originality’, or ‘evidence of originality’, yet it is not taught or even explained. This book addresses this, providing you with the techniques and methods you need to transform your work and achieve better grades. It will even give you the upper hand in the age of AI. 

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