Free Webinar: Practical Approaches to Theoretical Novelty and Native Theorizing

Social science researchers and instructors were in for a treat at the Enhance Research IMPACT: Practical Approaches to Theoretical Novelty and Native Theorizing webinar.  Held last 30 June 2022, the free online seminar benefited those who find it challenging to generate theoretical novelties and get published in top international journals. Two author-editor speakers served asContinue reading “Free Webinar: Practical Approaches to Theoretical Novelty and Native Theorizing”

:: Dialogue with a Librarian Series ::

Launch of BookBridge (left): Associate Professor Shinya Okuda from the Department of Architecture at the NUS College of Design and Engineering (CDE); Head of the Department of Architecture at CDE Professor Ho Puay Peng; Mrs Lee Cheng Ean; and CDE’s Professor Lam Khee Poh. Picture Credit: NUS An Interview with Mrs Lee Cheng Ean, ImmediateContinue reading “:: Dialogue with a Librarian Series ::”

Mental Health Awareness Month

As we move into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic with some improvements in the situation, we must not forget the paramount importance of raising awareness for mental health and maintaining mental wellness in our daily lives. Since the start of the pandemic, the topic of mental health has not only become increasingly importantContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Month”

:: Dialogue with a Librarian Series ::

Jayshree next to the memorial sculpture of Eddie Koiki Mabo after whom the JCU Townsville Library is named “… journey towards meaningful reconciliation within Australia will be ongoing into the distant future” In conjunction with National Librarian Day, for our Dialogue with a Librarian Series, we are honoured to feature Ms Jayshree Mamtora, Manager, ScholarlyContinue reading “:: Dialogue with a Librarian Series ::”

It’s International Doctor’s Day!

On this day, we dedicate ourselves to celebrating, saluting and showing appreciation to doctors for all their incredible hard work and dedication. More than just medical specialists and healers; doctors are individuals who have devoted their lives on the pursuit of helping others, like you and me. Join us this International Doctor’s Day, as weContinue reading “It’s International Doctor’s Day!”

This International Women’s Day, Let’s #BreakTheBias

Today is not your average day, it’s a day we’ve specially set aside to take a moment to take a pause to reflect and celebrate the tremendous commitment, courage, and power of women all over the world, from all works of life. Today is International Women’s Day, and this year we #BreakTheBias. As a workplaceContinue reading “This International Women’s Day, Let’s #BreakTheBias”

:: Dialogue with a Librarian Series ::

“… learning the art of not giving advice, instead, asking questions” Dipti Vora, Subject Librarian at Unitec Institute of Technology. Her professional interests are health research, Open Education Resources and use of Social Media in research. Librarians are an integral part of campus life, be it online or offline. Their reassuring presence is what anchorContinue reading “:: Dialogue with a Librarian Series ::”

Leadership and Context

Scholars of educational leadership have reached a consensus that principal’s leadership has an indirect effect on student achievement and school improvement. Various factors have been studied but research findings are inconsistent which resulted in a limited understanding of the role of leadership in school outcomes. One factor that deserves special attention is the school contextContinue reading “Leadership and Context”

Creating shareability: It’s about fun, fun, fun.

On social media, creating organic growth in followers is often directly related to how often pictures, videos or other posts get shared. But what creates shareability online?  For (traditional) WOM several research studies have shown that people speak mostly about impressive experiences, often those that are relevant to the other person they are directly speakingContinue reading “Creating shareability: It’s about fun, fun, fun.”

Debunking Myths about Creative Thinking

One of the trickiest things about discussing creativity is its personal, subjective nature. If I claim that whatever I’m doing is creative, who are you to contradict me? Or, if I feel that creativity isn’t something I’m capable of, what does it matter if you feel differently? For some people, the idea of teaching creativityContinue reading “Debunking Myths about Creative Thinking”