The vital art of questioning your assumptions

Assumptions are those things we take for granted: whatever we don’t explicitly spell out, but that our thinking relies upon. They’re also extremely important. Indeed, it’s the existence of shared assumptions that makes communication (and much else) possible. As I write these words, I’m assuming they mean approximately the same thing to you as theyContinue reading “The vital art of questioning your assumptions”

:: Dialogue with a Librarian Series ::

“My collegues inspire me everyday“ Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian and Chief Scholarly Information Officer of Australian National University (ANU). Responsible for ANU libraries, archives, press, records, privacy, copyright and digital scholarship. Librarians are an integral part of campus life, be it online or offline. They are both the gatekeepers and signposts to knowledge and theirContinue reading “:: Dialogue with a Librarian Series ::”