COVID-19’s Impact On Public Mental Health

2020 was the year that the world came to a halt. While virus infections are not uncommon, COVID-19 is the only one, thus far, that brought in huge challenges with its speed of infection, serious effects, and high mortality rates. In the beginning, many world leaders brushed it off as another influenza outbreak; however, itContinue reading “COVID-19’s Impact On Public Mental Health”

International Day of Education 24 Jan 2023

This year marks the fifth year of the International Day of Education. It will be celebrated on 24 January 2023 under the theme to “invest in people, prioritize education.” As part of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for People, Planet, and Prosperity, education is recognized as a crucial component to accelerate progress toward achieving the SustainableContinue reading “International Day of Education 24 Jan 2023”

Leadership and Context

Scholars of educational leadership have reached a consensus that principal’s leadership has an indirect effect on student achievement and school improvement. Various factors have been studied but research findings are inconsistent which resulted in a limited understanding of the role of leadership in school outcomes. One factor that deserves special attention is the school contextContinue reading “Leadership and Context”

Cultivating Leadership among Students

Leaders are likely to have leadership development experiences well before their careers take off (Murphy, 2011). Early life history experiences are predictive of later leader success, therefore it is important that the education system, a child goes through should provide opportunities for the child’s leadership development. The usual way to identify and build student leadershipContinue reading “Cultivating Leadership among Students”

Awaken the Giants

It is increasingly been advocated that teachers should take a more active leadership role in schools.  This call comes from several quarters.  First, there is a consensus among practitioners and researchers that schools have become too complex to be led by the principal alone especially when it comes to instructional and curricular matters.  Principals, withContinue reading “Awaken the Giants”

The vital art of questioning your assumptions

Assumptions are those things we take for granted: whatever we don’t explicitly spell out, but that our thinking relies upon. They’re also extremely important. Indeed, it’s the existence of shared assumptions that makes communication (and much else) possible. As I write these words, I’m assuming they mean approximately the same thing to you as theyContinue reading “The vital art of questioning your assumptions”

Leadership from within

The definition of leadership is much contested.  Leadership has been studied from various perspectives, from a one-person leader (as in solo leadership) to distributed leadership (as in shared leadership) and we are still nowhere near to understanding it.  Putting aside what leadership is, as a practitioner of leadership, I believe it is more important toContinue reading “Leadership from within”