In Conversation with David Silverman

Are you a student or practitioner of qualitative research looking to enhance your skills? Look no further than our first episode in our brand-new “In Conversation with SAGE Authors” series! We’re thrilled to kick off this exciting new series with David Silverman, author of some of our bestselling Qualitative Research books. In this exclusive interview,Continue reading “In Conversation with David Silverman”

SAGE Publishing APAC’s Top Rated Books Of 2022

The continuous improvement in our lives comes from the tireless efforts of people in various fields who have written many books to share their knowledge and experience. As we draw the year to a close, we round up some of the top-rated books of 2022, written by experts in their respective fields of Research, BusinessContinue reading “SAGE Publishing APAC’s Top Rated Books Of 2022”

Social Research Talk: Q&A with Sociologist Yu Xie

Research is and has always been an essential element in sociology. SAGE Publishing Asia Pacific organized an intimate question-and-answer session with Professor Yu Xie via Zoom to emphasize its importance. He provided insights and suggestions to researchers about social research and how to get their papers published. Professor Yu Xie is currently a member ofContinue reading “Social Research Talk: Q&A with Sociologist Yu Xie”

Library & Information Science Research to Support Librarian’s Professional Development 

As author Neil Gaiman says, “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one”. Librarians play an essential role in collecting, curating and storing information to enhance the minds of people searching for reliable information for projects, papers, initiatives, and more. Today, librarians do more than that; theyContinue reading Library & Information Science Research to Support Librarian’s Professional Development 

Mental Health Awareness Month

As we move into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic with some improvements in the situation, we must not forget the paramount importance of raising awareness for mental health and maintaining mental wellness in our daily lives. Since the start of the pandemic, the topic of mental health has not only become increasingly importantContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Month”

It’s International Doctor’s Day!

On this day, we dedicate ourselves to celebrating, saluting and showing appreciation to doctors for all their incredible hard work and dedication. More than just medical specialists and healers; doctors are individuals who have devoted their lives on the pursuit of helping others, like you and me. Join us this International Doctor’s Day, as weContinue reading “It’s International Doctor’s Day!”