In Conversation with Stewart Clegg

Welcome to another episode of our “In Conversation with Sage Author” series featuring none other than the brilliant Professor Stewart Clegg, author of the highly anticipated 2nd edition of Frameworks of Power. Join us as we dive deep into Professor Clegg’s background, exploring the driving forces behind his remarkable work. Discover the inspiration and challengesContinue reading “In Conversation with Stewart Clegg”

Social Research Talk: Q&A with Sociologist Yu Xie

Research is and has always been an essential element in sociology. SAGE Publishing Asia Pacific organized an intimate question-and-answer session with Professor Yu Xie via Zoom to emphasize its importance. He provided insights and suggestions to researchers about social research and how to get their papers published. Professor Yu Xie is currently a member ofContinue reading “Social Research Talk: Q&A with Sociologist Yu Xie”