In Conversation with Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke

Welcome to another exciting episode of the “In Conversation with Sage Authors” series where we bring you an exclusive interview with none other than Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke, the dynamic duo behind the sensational bestseller, “Thematic Analysis: A Practical Guide“. Join us as we delve into their backgrounds and explore the inspirations that droveContinue reading “In Conversation with Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke”

In Conversation with Stewart Clegg

Welcome to another episode of our “In Conversation with Sage Author” series featuring none other than the brilliant Professor Stewart Clegg, author of the highly anticipated 2nd edition of Frameworks of Power. Join us as we dive deep into Professor Clegg’s background, exploring the driving forces behind his remarkable work. Discover the inspiration and challengesContinue reading “In Conversation with Stewart Clegg”